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THE Villa

Villa Vento Largo is a project carried forward by two generations, drove by the desire to keep alive a territory, maintaining the roots, finding a balance between man and nature, distancing themselves from the city.


After years of experience abroad and studies as a landscape designer, Sandro has transformed his particular passion for plants, landscape and gardens into something tangible. A place that design and build with patience and constancy, in constant evolution. A place surrounded by an iridescent garden and olive grove with the seasons, open on the vastness of the sea.
The ancient eighteenth-century farmhouse was the starting point.

Thanks to the energy of the whole family, after decades of intensive floriculture and degradation, the place has being surrounded again by the original grove of Taggiasca Olive Tree.


We produce an excellent extra-virgin olive oil, and products related as tapenade and olives in brine. The building has returned to his original purpose: an holiday destination where people enjoy the peaceful countryside, its products and the relaxing atmosphere.


The lush garden surrounds the house and invades the olive grove, where citrus and fruit trees are accompanied by exotic rarities thanks to the mild climate of the Riviera.

The origins of Villa Vento Largo are lost in the past centuries. Ancient maps show the building and the attached private chapel, and stories of its olive grove that extended to the seaside are still a reality.


Our strength is the production of olives of the precious Taggiasca variety, a precious specialty of the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente. We never counted the number of olive trees around the farmhouse: there are many!


Hospitality does not play a secondary role. The apartments are all with sea view, tastefully furnished, cozy and charming. The garden is at guests’ disposal, with decorated areas to enjoy outdoor life.